• 11/12/2014
    Stock Exchange Listing & IPO

    Stock Exchange Listing & IPO

     Independent technical reviews of your project and preparation of the required technical documents to prepare for stock exchange listing and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

    We are the recognised leaders in mining stock exchange listings and IPOs and have experience on all most every major stock exchange around the world including the London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    We can help you navigate these stock exchanges to not only fast track the review process, but also maximise the value of your asset.

    We work closely with our clients’ legal and financial advisors to help them respond effectively to clearance committee requests and ensure that all documentation and reporting meets the requirements set out by these committees.

    Extensive experience on most exchanges means that we are widely recognised and trusted by exchange regulators and committees around the world. Our clients can rely on our reputation to deliver them the best possible outcomes.

    We have experts in almost every region in the world with local language skills to further streamline your listing process. Our experience and track record reduces the risks and improves success rates for our clients.