• 11/12/2014
     Exploration Asset Review

    Exploration Asset Review

     Exploration advice and assessment to maximise return on investment and ensure compliance with international standards.

    Some of the world’s leading explorationists work in-house at RungePincockMinarco. These independent experts can help mining companies reduce the risks associated with the exploration process and ensure maximum return on assets.


    Our exploration project review and assessment services allow you to leverage our global knowledge and avoid the risk associated with poor investment decisions.


    We help junior miners to produce marketing documentation to help source funding for exploration projects. Junior miners can leverage our global expertise in most mining methods and our reputation as a trusted, independent expert to ensure maximum return on investment.


    Our highly qualified personnel meet the stringent requirements of Competent Person or Qualified Person which means that you can be sure that your exploration processes and procedures will meet strict international standards such as JORC and NI 43-101.


    During the undertaking of your exploration program, we provide ongoing independent exploration supervision and assessment to ensure that the work being conducted by your team is internationally compliant and forward thinking.


    When it comes to releasing your exploration results to the market, we can help manage your partners through an independently certified release of exploration results announcement.


    We are not just geological consultants but mining experts as well. We bring this broaden expertise to your early stage studies to facilitate future project assessments and maximum return on investment.