• 11/12/2014


    Health Sector Department of Molavi Capital   is a strategy and M&A advisory firm. 

    Our global industry focus is health insurance and health-related products and services.

    Periodically, we publish research and act as a co-investor and accelerator of innovative businesses within this industry.

    Our working model combines full time Europe-based consultants with a worldwide group of regional experts

    Molavi Capital works with regional and global companies which complement our niche skills, either in operational execution or in parallel market segments.

    We share resources on a project by project basis. 

    Molavi Capital also has a network of "associates” in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East who are local/regional specialists in our niche or close to it.

    For whom?

    Our clientele is mostly private sector, highly global and covers both Fortune 500 and start-ups. It includes:

    •Global health insurers, re-insurers, managing general underwriters and agents – particularly those focusing on cross border health

    •Global and regional health insurance intermediaries

    •Health/medical services companies including providers of assistance, wellness, occupational health and disease management, health information technology, hospitals

    •Medical devices and services

    •Health and medical venture capitalists

    Which questions can we answer?

    •Which are the right new countries/segments to enter and why?

    •Who are the best fronting insurers, distribution partners or customer contracts?

    •Which target companies should and can we buy? 

    •How to finance growth and with whom?